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Any purportedly "democratic" political subdivision (city, state, nation, or international organization) that is actually controlled by business interests or by a individual or collection of individuals with highly disproportionate influence resulting from wealth.
(1) There was a cancer cluster all around the chemical plant, but the corporogoverment of the state ignored their health and safety at the behest of the plant owners. (2)The Congress knew that the trade treaty with China would cost their constituents hundreds of thousands of jobs, and that it was a bad deal for the country, but since the country had become a corporogoverment, they approved the treaty because the multinational corporations demanded it. (3) The town had received a grant for $400 million to build a new hospital near the Warbucks Family compound, where it would have best been located, but the city council of the corporogovernment did not wish to offend the family because of their wealth.
by PaulaNYC January 25, 2013
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