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Corporate governance refers to companies doing business and making money in both a legal and ethical manner.

It is about all the many different legal and ethical aspects of how any particular business organization is run and operated.

Law abiding and highly ethical business organizations are widely known to have very good corporate governance, as all their business operations are in strict compliance with all the various legal rules and regulations.

Companies that run afoul of the law and which engage in dishonest business practices are considered to have poor corporate governance and they will be punished for breaking or infringing on any legal and ethical frameworks.
If your company does business in a legally and ethically way, it is said to have good corporate governance.

If your company does business in an illegal and unethical way, it is said to have bad corporate governance.

Corporate governance is a combination of the legality and ethics of doing business for any company in the corporate world.
by Wordphile January 06, 2017
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