Corinna Fugate is an American singer-songwriter and pianist. She had some very troubling experiences in her life including the death of her father when she was twelve and the death of her close friend when she was 22. These experiences originally led her to abuse drugs and alcohol but she eventually learned to express her feelings through music.

She has since released five independent albums: The Deeper You Go the Higher You Fly, Chasing the Ghost, The Other Side of the Sky, Undertow, and Snow White. She was very popular on the internet for a while, where she had a Myspace site with thousands of friends. She would chat with her friends, make her own music videos, and blog about her life. In March of 2008 Corinna suddenly revealed that she was going to delete both of her Myspace pages. It was a shock to everyone, and no one knows where she is or what she is doing to this day.
Corinna Fugate's song, "Heart Like a Grave" is a beautiful melody about betrayal in love.
by Kaitmag June 13, 2008
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