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v. the process of ejaculating in one's own mouth; n. a sex obsessed virgin, mustard loving, ass belonker, flaming bag of shit
ass belonker tony danza
1.(v)"Dude, I totally coreychacemanned by accident last night! I brushed my teeth and washed my mouth for hours but it just wouldnt go away, I even tried gargling mustard!"

2.(n) (two friends jay and brandon are sitting at a "peep show") "Dude look down there!" Jay shouted in the most normal voce he coud do. "What?" Brandon questioned. "That dude down there he's beating off with mustard while eating shit from a penguins butthole." Jay said his normal retarded voice. "DURRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!" Jay added. "What a coreychaceman!" Brandon defined.

3.(n) + (v) Guy 1: Hey so how are you and your gf?
Guy 2: Good, why?
Guy 1: Just wondering
(awkward long silence)
Guy 1: (creep voice) so do you guys fuck alot? huh huh do ya do ya?!
Guy 2: dude, you are being such a fucking coreychaceman right now, relax.
Guy 1: no im not, but i will be coreychacemanning tonight!
Guy 2: ooh what the fuck! you would say something like that!
Guy 1: fair enough.
Guy 2: fuck off you creep!!!
by jay morell and brandon wheeler January 03, 2009
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