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The most attentive person important to detail loves who he loves gives everything wears rose colored glasses around the ones who he loves and puts the ones he respects on the top shelf and those are the ones who can cut him down the hardest and easiest never strays hugs are the best gift and they dont cost anything fights to the end for the battles they choose to fight loves to love but dont trust many hurt by some but because he was hurt first caregiver at the utmost high leval gives the best storys from nothing man I never heard a (rose story)aka rose niland -golden girls - like that b4 well lol it must of been told by a Corey Peterman
That guy is such a narcissist , I cant believe anyone would ever love them , well if he finds a Corey Peterman he will be well taken care of when it comes to there supply of power!
by Mark me down June 04, 2018
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