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A core fag is a fan of heavy/death metal music, but instead of liking the music for meaningful lyrical content or instrumental prowess and skill, they like the music SOLELY for their extremely unoriginal, but still "BRUTUHL" breakdowns and bass drops. Some typical core fag bands are Chelsea Grin, Suicide Silence, I Declare War and Emmure. At shows, core fags are those skinny kids who don't know how to hardcore dance, but instead, flail their arms and legs around like kids with Down Syndrome, hoping to hit/hurt someone in their fit during the "best part of the song," hopefully to soon get knocked out by a much larger, true metal head. They also separate themselves from true metal heads because of their absolute ignorance and arrogance when it comes to other, MUCH BETTER metal music. Core fags also believe that, if a band doesn't abuse and overuse breakdowns and bass drops, they aren't good/worthy to listen to.
Metal Head: I can't believe Chelsea Grin was on the Welcome to Hell Tour. They, and I Declare War, both suck so hard.

Poser: What are you talking about?! Lifeless by Chelsea Grin has to be the best song ever created! You know at the end, when they start playing really slow and he goes YOU'RE DEAD YOU FUCKING SLUT! and then the most brutal breakdown in the history of mankind happens. Oh my god it's so brutal I just want to hardcore dance right now.

Metal Head: ....core fag.
by MetalwithMeaning April 17, 2011
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