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(From the combination of the words "cop" and "law") a noun that refers to the illegal and unethical special privileges afforded to police officers and other authorities and officials, who are not obligated as often as civilians to follow official laws and not obligated to suffer the same consequences or punishments by actual laws compared to civilians; a type of unofficial double standard that is almost never publicly acknowledged by officials, authorities, or police officers but with which most of the public is all too familiar; often, if not always, leads to rampant corruption of authorities
"The cop got arrested for malfeasance."
"For what malfeasance?"
"The media didn't say. There's something called an 'Officer's Bill of Rights' that protects cops and other officials from the media publishing details of the charges against them, even after arrest. It's just coplaw, ya know."
"Oh, coplaw. Why didn't you just say that?"
"I found out later the cop got arrested for Schedule II drug violations while on duty, but that was after I kept pestering the media for more information."
"Coplaw sucks so much."

double standard innocence by official position Too Cop to Arrest scofflaw non-felony felony by cop preferential justice media-protected police
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