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the art of trying to get pulled over and having your car searched by the cops without ever doing anything actually illegal. the goal is to be as sketchy as possible (i.e. baggies with flour) and have the cops call for backup; after relentless searching and questioning, they have nothing on you and are forced to let you go. the cops tend to say something like "this is the oddest search i've ever done in my life" during the course of the stop. because there's nothing to do in rich towns in the FC, like new canaan. invented by grumbles and company.
put eye drops in your eyes to make them watery; pour rubbing alcohol on your shirt so you smell lkie alcohol; empty blunt wrappers; anything else that's random and weird.
"i'm bored. let's go cop-hunting"
by the new canaan gay April 09, 2005
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