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the act of doing things that a coon or nigger generally can be found doing.

stereotypical traits that black people have in common, such as: liking fried chicken, performing "shout outs" as much as/whenever possible, stealing TVs, performing drive-bys, wearing gold/silver chains, failing out of highschool, congregating with other black people etc.

the palpable atmosphere of ghettos.
Ex 1. Stealing tvs, being "up to no good".

Ex 2. "It shouldn't be a big deal, no one could be louder than us fuckers in terms of wresting, screaming, and general cooniggery"

Ex 3. "The jury has found Jamal Washington guilty on 3 counts of cooniggery"

Ex 4. The aftermath of Katrina is a large-scale example of "cooniggery" occurring.
by hankaaron1 March 11, 2011
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