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A underground rapper from West Palm Beach, Florida.He has appeared on several of the infamous Gangstas N Thugz DVD series. He has a very fast-paced aggressive witty delivery. Widely known for his street single "Cake Cake" with local rapper T-Dot.
Cool Cake dats me
gatuh base uh fie squeeze
runnin soft, beans ,uh percocet, just holla at me
i got da xannies and da valiums, i can get dat codeine
u want purp page me dont call me i shoot at police...... gettin cake cake,florida gate, boil it all in da microwave
brang it back hard white, or brang it back hard beige
do ya thang, do da math
work da whole division ave
im gettin cake wit dat cake in da lab, u know
.... dey be open when dey poppin, dey be drankin, dey be on squeeze
dey call us back 2 back all nite fo' dat codeine
i flood da hood wit cocaine
i been brought up in dis dope game
im killin all my people shit i pray da lord forgive me
i got niggas wanna kill me,still a nigga maintain
u betta get me fo i get u lord knows i aint playin
by alwaysfurreal43 July 26, 2009
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An amazing healthy snack, in cup cake form. a cool cakes is when u blend many cup cakes together and u freeze them then defrost and eat. cool cakes are only sold in places that sell food
Man this cool cakes was AMAZING also there are 8 for 6$. amazing DEAL
by Freeskier16 February 24, 2011
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Something that is so cool, it can only be compared to with the sweetest thing in the world, cake.
"Man, that car is so cool cake!"
by SpyD3R May 19, 2006
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