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A derogatory term referencing a character in an online videogame with maximum skill points who often dies to characters that are deemed to be "newbies." This type of person often lists several excuses as to why they lost and often becomes emotionally distraught in often hilarious ways. The origin of this term makes reference to a person who plays a mage in an online game called Ultima Online who goes by the name COOKIEMONSTER.

"I just killed a cookiecutter mage with a character who has 65 magery."

"COOKIEMONSTER just attacked me with several other people helping him and he still died."

"COOKIEMONSTER lost to me fairly but still insisted on making several disparaging remarks, he is such a cookiecutter mage."

"That guild is a bunch of cookiecutter mages, I wouldn't worry about them"
by Benjamin Disraeli October 14, 2005
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