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Any person who creates some form of content for the Internet, from movies to music to writing, and then refuses to stop gloating about and obsessing over their own creation. This usually occurs on their personal blogs, but has been known to spread throughout emails, instant messages, and newsgroups. For more information, also see BMO.
Person #1: (IM sent to 500 people) "Hey everybody! Come check out the most awesome, hilarious, original Flash game pitting George Bush against Osama Bin Laden! I made it, and it's been played 583,392,881 times in the last 10 minutes! Includes special guest appearances by Britney Spears and Michael Jackson, who show up to make topical jokes which rival abandoned Jay Leno monologues! Be sure to click on the links which appear in my awesome popup windows offering you chances to win free iPods and Eddie Bauer colostomy bags! This Flash game I made has been ranked #1 on Newgrounds, narrowly edging out 'Butt Quest 8' and 'The Mystery of Fart Mountain.' It's the funniest thing you'll ever see! Tell your friends about it! Tell your family! Oh god I'm lonely!"
by granada April 14, 2005
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