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Within the field of Information Technology, the act of implementing, possibly but not necessarily, good practice configurations without any business value just for the sake of using the available functionality and thereby creating the feeling of self satisfaction which has as the consequence that other involved parties are hindered in performing their day to day operations which invokes great frustration for said parties.
An architect suffering of configuration masochism designs the configuration of a totally private cloud instance in such a way that for each department in the company a small "firewalled" subnet is created while discarding the fact that in the end all services implemented by each department within their respective network segments have to communicate to each other in a non predictable way. Because of that an endless set of firewall and routing rules have to be created to make communication between these services possible which defeats the purpose of having firewalled network segments in the first place.
by ABloodCryingEngineer March 29, 2013
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