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A single-use account, created for the purposes of (a) gaining intimate details on another's social networking page, without the desire of commitment to the site, or (b) achieving a goal which would require the approval of multiple users. Often used with the consent of the other party and/or without explicit non-consent of the hosting site, and most likely used in conjunction with a condom email. Once the user has satisfied his/her desire, the account is discarded.

Is related to a ghost account or sock puppet, in that the user is forging a new identity, but a condom account is solely used as a means of access.
Jill: "Wanna see my wild party pics?"
Jack: "Yes, I would. But since I do not want to be sullied by associating with that social networking site, let me get my condom account on first."
Jill: "Hooray!"
by piralteqnix November 16, 2010
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