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A "Concerned American", is one who has had enough of the government's intrusion into their "daily" lives, some one who has watched the "decline" of the peoples Rights, as defined by the original writers of the Constitution. Who has seen the government being taken over by the controlling interests of money hungry corporations, who now are actually in control of the government. A "Concerned American", is one who will speak out against the tyranny which is starting to engulf this country, and turn it into a third wold mud puddle where the "rich" will always have, and the poor get poorer and poorer. A "concerned American is one who will defend himself against these oppressions, just as the founding fathers did against a tyrannical British rule. A concerned American will not allow the government to "brainwash" our children into placidity about their lives, and their place in the world. A "Concerned American" will be willing to defend his home against the government force that will be placed into this country, by illegal means to squelch any form of rebellion, or resistance, an example being of the "Police State" we are now experiencing, where law enforcement now can do "no wrong",A "concerned American", will stand up for what he believes in his heart to be true, and fair, even if it costs him his "freedom" from an oppressive government.
I am a concerned American because i am watching my rights decline before my eyes.
by corruption monitor September 20, 2013
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