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In Israel it's one who was dunked head in the toilet and flushed on by the basketball heroes of the school and who set dates with girls that didn't show up in highschool. He joined the army glad 2 not see those jerks. in bootcamp the other soldiers held him down on the ground to fart on his face. After bootcamp the computer geek served a shit job at tel hashomer or lotem base cleaning the personal toilet of the disciplinary officer who spent 20-30 yrs eating only burgers. Once the israeli computer geek is out of the army he goes to university, does well and goes on to a msc and phd in computer science. On the way the computer geek makes himself excuses like "no time" for having had no dates in his life nor going to the gym or excersizing since bootcamp. Once the israeli computer geek is a lecturer it's a bit different. He can be an asshole in his own way giving bsc students weekly tasks where only the geeks like him who suffered in highschool and bootcamp don't lose part of the grade before the exam. When the Israeli computer geek is an educat the divorced 33-46 yr old women consider the man they meet at the pub since he isn't as dumb, drunk or broke as their electrician or nut salesman ex husband and an asshole to young bsc students counts as an asshole. Finally when the Israeli computer geek is in his way on top he also gets a good fuck when it no longer matters. A computer geek lecturer is the lecturer for any computer course you take in university who gives you shit.
Those computer geek lecturers want to feel good about themselves even though in highschool they were stood up by the hot chicks and dunked head in the toilet bowl for a flush by the basketball hero jocks so they give us impossible homework that only geeks like them can do.
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