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computer fag:

A person who has no friends or very little friends and plays gay games such as Runescape or World of Warcraft.

They use words such as "noob" and "pwn". Most male computer fags have never been laid. Ever. The words noob and pwn are just as gay as they are. They waste their life on faggish multiplayer online video games that consists of "magical" wizards and goblins. You know, gay shit like that. These people, often males, tend to be interested in Naruto and childish things. They also gather in online chat rooms and type out their fake actions, lie about being with women sexually, and usually think that they are in gangs.

The computer fag is the unmanliest being on the face of the planet. They should be shunned by us Non-Homos.
Matt: "Hey dude you see that kid over there."

Jusin: "Ya he's that fag that watches Naruto and still likes Pokemon."

Matt: "I know he is so gay. Last night he was playing Halo online with my brother and was calling him a noob and saying he pwned him and shit. He's such a computer fag."

Justin: "Really? Lets go kick his ass, then have sex with women."
by So Fuckin Manly April 14, 2008
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