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One of the joke crews to come from the LockLegion and ClockCrew. The website is still up and running, but it has no members or admins to run the site. The compasses used compasses as faces insteat of clocks or locks.
The compass crew never was big, and StrawberryCompass was a fag.
by BeanThing March 29, 2005
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The third group of it's kind.The compass crew is a group that makes flashes based around characters with compasses for faces. Originally started somewhere around 2003, they had a couple good flashes. The most famous indeed is "True North." They did not last long though, it dide out after a while. Afterwords there were several attemps to revive the crew, all failed. Now there is currently one attemp that has been the most succesful and can be found at
StrawberryCompass is the leader of the compass crew (and he's not a fag)
by PotatoCompass October 10, 2005
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