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It is where Sarah Palin complains how unfair she is treated by the Liberal gotcha media. She does her best to avoid this by only answereing pre-approved questions and topics in front of friendly media interviews, like the Fox news Channel.
Sarah Palin had first compalining in front of the national media when Katie Couric asked her tough unfair sexist questions like :

What books and magazines do you read?

Can you explain the Bush doctrine (even though she wholely supports it)?

Can you name the three countries in North America? In regaurds to NAFTA.

Or any other question that is well beyond her intellegence, she has not been coached for by the Republican national Committee, but still easy enough for any contestant to answer on the t.v. game show "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?"
by I can hear her from t.v.. June 15, 2010
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