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CommUNICORNication is the improvement of the universe through means of ideas being transmitted into dreams or different forms of de ja vu. This can be between two people, but the possibilities are endless. Sometimes (rarely) these can be formed in the hands of the gods and goddesses in order to control fate. There is no limitation.

Communicornication can be a moment that interrupts usual daily experiences, as if this feeling or experience had come your way in the past, but for some reason this time it was much more profound, while bringing in an entire new view or feeling into one's life - as if from that moment on you must go with this feeling.

Dreaming in symbols that represent people can be another form of communicornication - it is the way ideas are exchanged while both parties are asleep.
Not remembering a dream until it happens just the same the next day, then connecting with a person/place/idea afterwards - which wouldn't have happened without the dream.

"Hey Steve, what's with the hat?"
"Well, Marvin, you asked me the same thing in my dream last night, then I made you a sandwich."
"Well Steve, I am pretty hungry."
"Good thing I had that dream, Marv!"
"Looks like we've communicornicated once again."

In Homer's Iliad, Zeus, disguised with the face of Nestor, sends a false dream to Agamemnon telling him everything will work out if he sets out for Troy.

In a dream, I watched an orange tree grow in the corner of a room - only to find within the next few days that a friend who happens to be associated with oranges, reappeared into my life. This is communicornication.
by abotola November 03, 2011
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