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A scale on which the comfort of something is measured.
Comfortility is measured in comfortalls, the rough scale for this goes thus: 0-not very comfortable at all (eg a hard wooden bed which has 10 inch nails penitrating it which stick into your bare back also giving you splinters.)
The scale ranges to 83 a very comfortable thing to be resting in (eg. an incredibly padded seat which takes totoaly absorbs your body and gives you a weightlessness feeling)
Inbetween is 42, the average comfortility. (eg. a standard padded arm chair)
The comfortility scale can also be exact with scientific tests, which, take in to accout one's dimensions and weight, senario and tiredness.
-"excuse me, I wish to buy an arm chair for my lounge, i was wandering if you could help me"
"Of course, that is my job"
"oh, thankyou. Now how is an arm chair likely to cost me."
"Well, it all depends on what comfortility you are looking for."

-"Son, where is all our furniture gone?"
"My friends dad who's a scientist has taken them away to do tests on them, because me and my sister were arguing wich chair was the most comfortable."
by Yung Simon July 27, 2005
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