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Definition of comengofer: A comengofer is a person who tells you to do something or tells you that you can't do something and then does the exact same thing that he or her just told you to do or not to do. A comengofer can also be someone who comments on everything you do either in a nice or mean way and expects that you won't do it.
For example:

I walk in the room and I turn on the light, my brother yells at me and tells me to "TURN IT OFF!". I say no but then he says "do you want me to beat the crap out of you?". There for I would turn it off because I would not want to get beat up. Later that day I'm in the same room and my brother walks in and turns the light on. I say "turn it off", and then he says "NO!". I say that "earlier you did the same thing to me". He says do you want me to beat you up?", and I say no because I don't want to get beat up. My brother gets to take total advantage of me and be a comengofer.

In this case my brother would be the comengofer.
by cwarner267 January 01, 2014
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