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Way better than Academy!!!! Barely any home work!!!! Nice teachers!!!!! Good sports teams!!!! People with lots of smarticle particles!!!! Pretty people!!!!!! Nice people!!!!!!!

GO UNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by proudtobeaunie November 30, 2012
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The ONLY all girls school in Columbus, Ohio, K-12, yes poor little girls who have attended thier whole life,and of course it's over priced. The girls that attend are one of a kind, not one is worried about how much she eats and they all continue to stuff their face from morning to night. They are daddy's spoiled little girls driving their own Mustangs and BMWs from age 15 1/2 on. The teachers give out a rediculous amount of homework and the administration is very disorganized, although the students are very OCD and anal. The cooking staff is the most honored by the students and the coaches come next. The sport teams are amazing from Tennis, CC, Field Hockey and Soccer, to Swimming and Basketball, to Lacrosse and Track. Being in CSG is a time for girls to push themselves in every subject and prepares them for any college they wish to attend. Oh and you might think this school has a close relationship with the All boys school down Broad St., you're wrong. CSG and St. Charles don't have the best relationship- usually a hate-hate one- This is most of the time misunderstood by new comers.
Columbus School for Girls Girl 1: What's for lunch?
Columbus School for Girls Girl 2: I don't know, but it's food and that's all that matters!

Teacher at Columbus School for Girls: Homework tonight with be everything in your book 1-1000 all and make sure all your work is shown.

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