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1. Characterized by using methods of solving technical problems that are overly-elaborate, overly-paranoid, under-researched and heavily convoluted.

2. A "tin foil hat" wearing system administrator.

3. A power-tripping system administrator.

Stems from a system administrator that is nerdy (even by other nerd's standards), paranoid (often getting into 911 arguments; "of course it was an inside job", he says), not bright enough to realize he's dumb but thinks he's really, really smart and tries to prove it to everyone by coming up with terrible, expensive, ineffective solutions that eventually fail because they're too convoluted to actually be maintained or operate properly in the first place. In his mind, they have to be convoluted to demonstrate that he's smart.
I'm not hiring that guy! He's too coltonesque.
by udu2 November 16, 2011
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