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A word created by a nearly illiterate user on the internet. The actual definition could range from "collecting" to... well... anything that your mind can think of.

You may see this word typed by an underage user on a forum, or you may hear it uttered from a drunk man. Either way, it makes as much sense as the word "faevteep."
Illiterate User: Wanna heer a jok?
Normal User: no.
Illiterate User: OK! "Mom their is a man at the door colreting for the old folks home."
Normal User: ...what?

Drunk Man: afvefff seeeeee do teddy bear colreting drink more liquor.
Sober Man: what the hell did you just say?
Drunk Man: I said, ger fed bity poptarts
by supermanisawesome June 18, 2011
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