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Colorado is known for its ascending ski lifts, but the Colorado Cropduster is a special treat that can be given on any crowded public escalator: all you need is a healthy fart and a crowded escalator. The gift-giver gets on the escalator and while walking up it, lets out a steamy fart for the unassuming people behind him. The fart and the smell ascends with the gift giver and all of those behind him have to walk up and through the smell as it slowly hovers and ascends to the top. Even those who are not walking up the escalator and are just stationary still have to toil through the smell as they slowly ascend to the top.
Dude, I rode the subway to work today and pulled a Colorado Cropduster as I ascended up the exit escalator. The smell hovered and at least 20 people had to walk through it to get to where they were going. How about that for a special morning treat!
by Stagmen November 03, 2017
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