Collipark, a Rap producer, also known as Mr. Collipark was formerly known as Dj Smurf. He's known for signin tha YinG YanG twins back in '97 and producing songs such as "I Yi Yi", and "Wait (The Whisper Song)." He is now the CEO Of his own Collipark Records. He's collaborated with Pall Wall, Lil' Jon, Mike Jones, and other artists.
Mr. Collipark is the CEO of Collipark Records and he’s a multi-platinum producer and songwriter.
by MuRdA Esquire April 22, 2006
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short or "hood" for college park. College park is a little town right outside of atlanta and has been the home/starting place of rappers like T.I. Ludacris, Yung Joc, MR. collipark himself, Jermaine dupri and the rest of so so def recording
They be like Joc where ya stay?
I tell em collipark, where they chop cars...
by Jimmy Harris May 01, 2006
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collipark is an evil rap producer...basically he is the hitler of rap and soulja boy, hurricane chris, and v.i.c are his top nazi soldiers and anybody who likes collipark music are the german civilians who think he produces awesome rap and the people who know what real RHYTHM AND POETRY is are the jews who are getting killed everyday have to listen to those gay ass songs on the radio

news reporter: Today Crank Dat was played 10 million times killing 500,000 people who appreciate real rap on the radio
Man listening to radio: Fuck soulja boy, fuck hurricane chris and fuck v.i.c and last but not least...fuck mr.collipark himself!!!
by iPopThizz March 25, 2008
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