The art of fishing for information, while leaving the person being fished thinking that you gave _them_ the information.

As used by phony TV "psychics"
I used to think John edwards was Psychic, but no I realise that he was cold reading all along.
by I know! February 8, 2004
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The act of fishing for information, either from a gullible paying customer or from an audience who have just been told to be "open-minded", in which any positive feedback is followed deftly as though coming in "on the astral".
Cold reading:

Hello, I'm getting something ... there is someone who has recently died ... yes, someone has, hasn't they? ... a man, no I didn't think so, either, a woman then, an old woman ... no, dreadful isn't it? ... I'm thinking cancer, no?... a car crash ... yes, and it was tragic, and she was before her time too, would I be correct in saying this? ...
by Fearman March 11, 2008
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