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Is an interjection used in one of 3 circumstances:

a) refuting an interruption
b) when you interrupt someone 'chatting shit'
c) when you accidently get involved in a conversation you either
i) know nothing about
or ii) have misunderstood the conversation
and when they ask you to explain your actions: cokinthmout
cokinthmout is always followed by 'exactly'
Failure Patrick: So you see we will be far better off if, rather than adopt the proposal by Mr Jones, we adopt my proposal
which is to cut our advertising budget on TV and radio media, but instead employ a skilled team of internet-junkies
to create a viral video which will spread the name of our product far faster and wider than any of the traditional media
It will also be far cheaper and actually become a self-feeding form of advertising, known as a 'meme'

Mr Jones: Yeah but, cokinthmout

Failure Patrick: Huh?

Mr Jones: Exactly!
by cokinthmout October 06, 2010
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