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Nigel Reo-Coker is a football (soccer) player in England. As of June 2007 he plays for Premiership team West Ham, although is likely to transfer in the coming weeks. He is known not for his skill, but more for his boundless energy and enthusiasm (basically he runs around the pitch like a headless chicken). Any player who matches Reo-Coker (Nige to his friends) in his enthusiasm is said to have or be 'The Coker-Factor'. Some Coker-Factor moves (or plays in American) include....

- Breaking up attacks with fearless challenges
- Distributing the ball to the nearest team-mate
- Making tireless runs
- Listening to Tupac before the game

Players with Coker-Factor do not...

- 'Back heel' the ball
- Head the ball
- Create opportunities for team-mates with sublime skill
- Score any goals
'Man did you see me break down those attacks today, I am the Coker-Factor'


'Did you see West Ham today? The Coker-Factor was bloody awful'
by dan(paste) June 14, 2007
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