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A male/female specimen (usually female), either attractive or unattractive, who enjoys the company of cocaine users simply for their stash. Can be easily manipulated and often times offer special services for goods (although some coke ho's only take their scavenging to the cock-tease level).

Coke ho's always answer phone calls between the hours of midnight-6am of their cocaine-pimps.
"Yo dude, since we got that eight ball tonight, lets call that hot coke-ho over to party."

"By the way that chick was grinding on your shit after she found out you re-upped, you could tell that bitch ain't nothin but a coke-ho."

"That coke-ho started nose-bleeding on my dick after I gave her a rail."

"Hey bro, I go cukoo for my Coke-ho muffs. Mmm Mmm Good."
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