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(Pronounced Cock-Sack-An-All) A pharmaceutical compound developed by Paul Reubens, also known as the infamous "Pee Wee Herman". This drug was developed mainly for fruitcakes or unsuspecting prison inmates. Mr Reubens reccomends using it as a suppository on unsuspecting young males between the ages of 12 and 73. His claim is that a good dose of cocksackenol is mandatory when symptoms are present. Symptoms include, being straight, fear of fruitcakes, extreme hate for Ricky Martin or George Michael. Also anyone who is gay would benefit from this wonder phallic.....oops i mean drug. Inmates in prison use it rather freely on fresh fish and do not follow proper dosing and usage guidelines reccommended by the PDR and the DSM iv.
That boy over there is dancing with Adam Fucking Lambert, wait till i give him a healthy amount of cocksackenol he will totally forget who adam lambert is after i dose his ASS up!.
by mikebirdlefthandAKAseanburke January 07, 2011
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