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lurking around the room/house in the early morning hours, usually after a long night of raging. lurking can mean anything from going on the computer to making some food. a form of sleep walking.
bruce, stop cockroachin' it, i'm tryin to sleep.

what are you doing? cockroachin'.
by G I noah July 28, 2011
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The female act of hands free masturbation that is more art than repetitive skill. Usually performed in a bath with ones hands in the air or holding oneself in place, their legs strategically placed skyward, and the water from the tap gently massaging the clitoris. Sometimes one can place themselves in a shower with a removable head with massager to achieve the same goal. Ultimately though it looks like some one just stood on a roach and in its dying throws it spasms it's legs in the air.
Be back down in an hour. I've just got to wash my hair and go Cockroaching.
by Flibblesquad November 22, 2015
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