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The curious but common delusion that befalls some young men upon entering a workplace that consists of 95% women. The male in question responds by deluding himself that all his female colleague are there for his personal amusement and/or dating prospects, or they, in his mind, assume the role of his mother e.g. becoming useful for doing his share of the workload or laundry. Treatment consists of human growth hormone, a dose of reality; but in some cases can cause termination from employment for sexual harrassment.
Male with delusion, on phone: "...yeah. I love that game, it's awesome."

Female colleague: "Feel like doing some work, Paul? We're really busy."

Male: "Nah, I'm leaving in about an hour." (Goes back to phone conversation)

Female, to female colleage: "Looks like we have another case of cockadoodledoo syndrome..."
by mfhuohikm October 08, 2010
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