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Cobuild is the most cutting-edge business scam available today, provided by Miami based Rokk3r Labs. Preceded by a $20-50k 'Think' phase (conducted by college students who are paid $500 a month) which produces a PowerPoint presentation, Cobuild requires a sucker to sign over at least 50% of their company in exchange to access to the service provider, which costs an additional 50-80k a month. In exchange for cash and equity, the mark can expect to be assigned a partner, who bills 12 projects 100% of their time, two or three overworked contractors, who are each billing 5 projects at 100%, and a small team of overseas developers, who are paid $25 an hour and bill at $150. The chump spends between $100 - $500k and receives a business plan with a software product. This excessive cost is required to ensure the company can retain the largest law firm in the world, primarily to deter lawsuits.
I spent a quarter million on CoBuild, and I got a cash-flow negative business product in return.
by fuckedbyapalmtree January 03, 2016
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