“Some of the characteristics you see in psychopaths are lying, manipulation, the ability to deceive, feelings of grandiosity and callousness toward their victims,”
Your pullin a coop. Stop being such a bull, your actin like coop. Coop's drawlin again.
by MickeyPoulouskin April 06, 2009
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a store in Canada where many sports moms and old people go to wash or fill up their car and get groceries.
child- hey mom what do you do when im at football practice?
mom- why i go to the Co-op of course
by humpaloo March 04, 2006
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stands for "cock out of place" Self explanatory, used when you need to make an "adjustment" in your pants
- dude, why are you scratching yourself so much?

- i cant help it man, i got the coop over here
by Myspace Joe April 23, 2006
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A person who hates cats that think they are enemies and not friends
Man 1: ''Why did you hate cats, dude''

Man 2: ''I'm a hater''

Man 1: ''You're a coop, dammit''

Man: ''I'm a coop''
by Delansburg August 19, 2011
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To accompany someone or ones self, in a musical setting or situation.
"Yo Mike, these lyrics would sound awesome if you coop me on guitar"....
by Swyp3Mast3r April 06, 2011
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unfaithful man, believes he can do what he wants with whom ever he chooses! typical 'married for the kids sake' situation!
usually found in his local watering hole with a bottle of becks in one hand and his phone in the other! ready to take ur number, or to answer to the nagging mrs!
BEWARE - you'll sucked in before u can run! a real heartbreaker!
watch him - hes a real COOPS
by househelp July 22, 2008
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1.) A stunning young man with red facial hair
2.) A pale, ghost-like, person
3.) A bitch for real
4.) A sucker of long hard objects
5.) A weak shit
1.) "yeah that kid i was supposed to fight never showed up." "What a coop".

2.) "Look at that skinhead with the beard", " haha yeah thats a coop alright"

3.) "man i havent tanned in forever." "yeah dude youre lookin like a coop"

4.) " man i met this girl last night " "she suck you up?" " yeah she was a coop for real"

5.) " you cant lift that? youre such a coop"

Cory Cooper
by AlRgTbIdE FdIbEvLfDhS January 21, 2011
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