When one person in a co-op game starts forcing other players in the co-op game to play in a certain way there-by defeating the purpose of a co-op game and ruining most of the fun. Typically related to but not limited to co-op board games, RPGs and co-op multiplayer video games.

Open discussion and suggestions on opportunities, efficient plays and actions are not considered alpha gaming. But making a decision for a player without being the actual player is considered alpha gaming.

An alpha gamer is different from a leader. A leader leads by example and is typically accepted as a leader by other players. An alpha gamer is trying to micro-manage all other players with overbearing (and often unwanted) advice. An alpha gamer ruins the fun of a game while a leader does not.
We were having fun playing that co-op game until Alex started alpha gaming.
by Fancy Walrus January 4, 2020
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