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A nuclear level of disorganized and disgusting clutter that one might find on a table, a desk or in a messy room. It might include partially opened mail, old half-eaten food, dirty socks, sweaty clothes and general shit people don't pick up.

Alternative definition: an adventure or activity that has gone so colossally wrong, in so many ways and with great intensity, that you can't remember what it was you were trying to do in the first place.
Mom, I'm afraid we've let the living room get to the cluster-fuck-chaos (CFC) level, again. I'll get the shovels, you get the hazmat suits.
Honey, I don't know why we are at the bottom of the ravine, in a car with two flat tires, covered in goat shit or why that indigenous fellow is pointing a spear at us but I think cluster fuck chaos pretty much covers it. Your thoughts?

by Traumatized December 08, 2008
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