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A forum or chat room troll that uses his/her trolling as a way to vent resentment towards the opposite sex. A clonador prefers to troll on members of the opposite sex, often choosing easy targets to bully and shying away from engaging with other trolls of his or her own caliber.

A male clonador's main driving force is misogyny, while a female clonador is motivated by misandry.

Clonadors are easily spotted as they habitually make broad generalizations about either men or women and they disparage the opposite sex as a whole throughout their attacks on other users. It is apparent through their tirades and relentless, often obsessive and predatory trolling that the clonador has deep seated issues with the members of the opposite sex.
Jessica doesn't like to go to that chat anymore since she got cornered by that clonador last time.
by lapetitelapine April 03, 2017
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