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Short for Clintonius Pussus. Unequaled in the annals of medical or political history, this man-tenticle hybrid overcame nearly unsurmountable barriers of racial and species-based descrimination to take his rightful place at the head of the italian mafia.
The day before his second god-child's christening, clintonpus stubbed his tentacle on a chair.

Clintonpus worked tirelessly to promote education about and prevent the spread of TTD's (Tenticly Transmitted Diseases).

Despite occasional inkings, clintonpus inspired admiration in many and fear in his opponents.

At the inaugural swearing in ceremony clintonpus grasped a bible in one tenticle while using four others to simultaneously play the national anthem on a guitar and waving the american flag.
by clintonpus historical society December 03, 2006
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