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clinton-carter is an old victorian name , they where called the CC's . some believe they where hired by queen victoria and her family to clean washing and other basic jobs , they where not slaves as such as they didnt get paid or have accomidation they were just forced to complete basic takes when victoria her self told them to. Queen victoria reffered to them as the best ass cleaners off all time and that she enjoyed them cleaning her fieces. The most famous Clinton-carter was alex clinton-carter AKA. cheesy . he was believed to be a young gay male who wasnt accepted so queen victoria took him in as one off his own on the conditions that he was to clean and wipe her arse ect.....
alex clinton-cater left victoria when she died , he was 17 years off age . not long after alex clinton-carter was killed by the dawlish massive who back then where a small group off people who tried to kill the queen
by mikey mc p July 09, 2011
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