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the plight of many females...going from birth to death never experiencing an orgasm. possibly with a physical defect complicating same. -more likely an individual 'poisoned' by the church!, unable to relax and 'GET OFF' due to these things.

any female actually 'exploding into the cosmos' will definitely be back for more!!, sex no longer being a messy 'chore'.

sometimes the fault of the male, assuming his ramming 'magic stick' will hit and 'tease' the 'spot' continuously for the required amount of time!! (you?)

-cunnilingus not a guarantee, but a big help to the female unresponsive to a 'pounding', the tongue providing some un-deadening delicateness, required by many females. the female able to 'launch' themselves, at least has had the experience!! communication also a HUGE factor!!, i.e. TELL ME WHAT YOU NEED!!
that librarian smacks of a climaxless life!!

sue had never suffered a climaxless life

her ex-husband was a huge ASS, but HAD relieved her of a climaxless life!!
by michael foolsley June 19, 2012
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