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is it a clerical error?

it turned me schizophernic to anyone i or e cares for

the bomb blew up in front of einsteins eyes, making him thijnk he was a indian at 1/4 percent. only a person taken over by the cunts at 3rd grade and was a master at the card MEMORY GMAE. would believe he was einstein, he doesn't even now what the guy looked like, he just said he never talked.

32 milligrams of vyvanse and 10 of lexapro, would give anyone onethat solves that puzzle the peace prize.
'bra ra, pretty sure it was a clerical error because they would have to have is cia profile' or he would have grown up in the cia safe house er ra. must have been a clerical errorRoar'
by elvinra February 27, 2013
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