the act of two woman sitting in a field of dandilions (or other throwable/small objects)and repeatedly taking turns trying to score.

score as in get the dandilion down the other wonams shirt, or wedged between their cleavege.

1. must be about 3 ft. apart.
2. must wear low cut shirt (no turtle necks fo sho)
3. must take turns, not a free for all here people.
4. dont use rocks, thats painfull.
5. dont grab the other chicks boobs. thats a foul.
6. first person to get 100 dandelions in the other persons cleavege wins.


1. make sure to properly discard of all dandilions down shirt.
2. make sure there are no horny guys in the premises.
Me and Katie like to play cleavage basketball with dandilions, at lunch.
by green bean is an iguana October 26, 2007
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