1. Sexual Intercourse to bring about Abortion naturally. Having sex and orgasms multiple times a day makes blood rush into the uterus and can cause miscarriage and abortion. Everyone seeks sexual intimacy, and can be very hard to resist during initial pregnancy period, so if you've decided on abortion, you'll find this remedy can both give and receive!
Becky looks down to find a messy scene after having almost non stop sex and multiple orgasms for days. When she sees what's happened she can't believe it stating "I didn't think a little booty bumpin' could Clean Your Oven!?"

Ricky's lady friend has just told him that she is with child, he is the daddy and she intends to keep the baby and having 3 kids to other women already he complains "Next time you best be believing' ima Clean You Oven!"
by Nosey Parkerson January 17, 2020