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a humorous yet upsetting defilement of military formation made famous by the "operation lion claws military simulation series" which is directly defined by its lack of organization or proper command, poor use of cover, and often deadly results for the squad utilizing it.
"sir, squad 3 is pinned under heavy fire."
"how far are they? can we provide support?"
"yes sir, their about a quarter mile north on the far side of the ridge."
"what kind of position are they holding?"
"sir, they have the high ground, half the squad is black and the enemy has angles."
"let me confirm this, you said they have high ground and the ENEMY has angles?"
"yes sir"
"claw formation?"
"yes sir"
"fuck 'em, tell squad 2 to collect them once the battles over."
"yes sir"
by southpaw286 January 07, 2009
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