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An acute fear of being stuck in an elevator with Uwe Boll.
While this condition is not limited to an elevator the fear consummates based on the most probable scenario. In remote regions certain people(s) have been known to develop Claustobollophobia based around a more natural setting such as a cave.

There are no concrete figures regarding the exact cause though most cases of Claustobollophobia occur in individuals with functioning eyes and ears.

It is generally regarded as having no adverse side effects aside from the expected paranoia of German accents and movies based on video games.

Dr.S.March _MD Pediatric/Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychiatry
I'm sorry but I can't get into this elevator with you due to my acute Clautobollophobia and the fact that you're Uwe Boll.
by supermarch April 13, 2008
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