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A more less common term for Eurodance music, which is 90's Dance music. Classic Euro is the term which is commonly used in the toronto area, but Eurodance is more known "world wide"

Classic Euro has just about most of the time a Female vocalist and a Male Rapper. It has catchy beats, and it upbeat.

names for classic euro - euro, eurodance, hi-rng, 90s dance , dance, some people call it gino beats

radio stadions such as Z103.5 play some of these amazing euro bombs lol and clubs like club menage on wednesady nights (live to air on z103.5 from 10pm to 1am)
Great classic euro artists

1. masterboy
2. fun factory
3. emjay
4. real mccoy
5. first base
6. unlimited nation
7. dj bobo
8. darkness
9. ice mc
10. lil suzy

Great Classic Euro songs you should listen to , its amazing lol

1. loft - mallorca
2. real mccoy - runaway
3. fun factory - take your chance
4. 2am - celebrate
5. e-type - life
6. unlimited nation - move your body
7. first base - can you keep a secret
8. la bouche - be my lover
9. dr. alban - let the beat go on
10. real mccoy - another night
11. fun factory - close to you
by dieselina ginaa August 13, 2006
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