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A person living under a socio-economic system and who doesn't realize their subservient position in that system and even will actively defend it, e.g. a slave in the slave societies, a peasant in feudal societies, a wage-slave in a capitalist society. (synonymous to class traitor)

-This is killing me. I work 60 hours a week and still can barely get by. Wouldn't it be nice to have a guaranteed basic income that is paid to everybody?
-Nah, these stupid plebs won't work then.
-God, you're such a classcuck.
by commiemorph May 17, 2016
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a proletarian (working class) individual that believes either of the following things:

1) that society ultimately isn't really divided into two classes (working and owning class) under capitalism
2) that society ultimately really is divided into two classes (working and owning class) under capitalism, but that it isn't important because the owning class supposedly has the best intentions with the working class (a meme otherwise known as "class collaboration")

a classcuck will at any opportunity excuse class division, exploitation of surplus value and wage labor as being fair. they will most likely use phrases like "just pull up those bootstraps!", "anyone can get rich with a can do attitude!" or "wage labor is just human nature, man!" unironically when confronted with the brutal dialectical truth that capitalism is inherently flawed, contradictory, and unmeritocratic and doesn't provide equality of opportunity. classcucks are most often libertarians or conservativess (AKA cuckservatives), but may in many cases also be nazis or your run of the mill liberal.
sergey: "hey, have you seen boris?"
alexei: "oh, boris? he's right there; praising his bourgeois boss while calling him 'job creator' on his knees."
sergey: "what a classcuck."
by lelnin July 16, 2016
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