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the fiercest clapping crew out.
a hardxcore crew dedicated to the art of clapping, in both the realms of loud clapping and coordinated clapping.
they also have outings to touch imax.
entry into clapxcore is extremely hard, but once you are accepted, a scene name is assigned, it wont necessarily be a good scene name, but its a clapxcore name.
Clapxcore also has the greatest handshake ever, it incorporates all the greatest things about clapxcore.
Clapxcore fan: OMG! its totally clapxcore, they're the fiercest clapping crew out! Look its katCAKE and maddyMURDER and daneDESTRUCTION and honorOXYGEN!!! OMG! We just saw half of clapxcore! I can die and go to heaven now.
by honorOXYGEN October 07, 2007
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